Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Minka Kelly Has Lost Her Mind

Minka Kelly getting to know Wilmer Valderrama

If you don't know who Wilmer Valderrama is that's ok, neither did I up until like 10 minutes ago. Its fucking Fez from that 70s show. Apparently Fez thinks its acceptable to try to bang Derek Jeter's girl while the Captain is in Tampa trying to get himself ready to win championship #6. I can't really blame him though, Minka Kelly is a piece and he needs to get his. Maybe he is a Red Sox fan trying to stick it to Jeter.

On the other hand what the fuck is Minka Kelly thinking... she can't be serious. Going from the bi-racial angel legend of a Yankees shortstop to Fez seems like a pretty obvious downgrade. On the one hand a five time world champion, hall of fame lock, Mr. 3000, Captain of both the Yankees and team USA. On the other hand, fucking Fez.

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