Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Michael Pineda's Bullshit Weight Issue

Kevin Kernan's Article About Pineda: Mentions Overweight 3 Times

Kevin Kernan is retarded. If I hear one more time How Pineda came into camp overweight and plans to lose some weight I might lose my fucking mind. The guy came in at 280 and said he had to lose 10lbs. Pineda is 6'7" and 10lbs constitutes less than 3.6% of his body weight. This guy isn't a fucking anorexic high school cheerleader. 10 lbs is a non-issue for an enormous professional athlete.  In fact, he has already lost 8 lbs since pitchers and catchers began. Yet idiots like Kernan need to set up the narrative that he is lazy, in case he isn't an ace in his second MLB season. That way they can write about how they knew it all along. Thats just shitty, irresponsible reporting.

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